Son Rise Morning Show: The Problems of Free Will, Evil, and Hell

At 8:50 (Eastern) this morning, I’m going to be on Son Rise Morning Show, talking about the problems of free will, evil, and Hell.

This morning, you’ll only be able to hear me online (unless you happen to live in Cincinnati). So if you want to listen to it live, go to, and click the “On the Air: Click to Listen” button at the top of the screen.

For the rest of you, in my experience, it’s usually about a day between when they do the local broadcast, and when they re-air it nationally on EWTN Radio.  So if you listen to Son Rise on EWTN tomorrow, you  might hear yours truly.

Last-minute prayers are most welcome.

UPDATE: Matt Swaim, the producer of the Son Rise Morning Show commented:

Unless something crazy happens, you can hear Joe’s piece on the national portion of the Son Rise Morning Show tomorrow, Thurs 8/11 at 7:15AM Eastern.

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