Son Rise Morning Show: Answering Seventh-Day Adventism

Tomorrow morning at 8:40 AM, I’ll be on the Sun Rise Morning Show, talking about last week’s post on Answering Seventh-Day Adventism.

You’ll only be able to hear me online (unless you happen to live in Cincinnati). So if you want to listen to it live, go to, and click the “On the Air: Click to Listen” button at the top of the screen.  Otherwise, my experience has been that they air the clips nationally the next day, so feel free to listen in on Thursday morning super-early during their normal broadcast hours of 6-8 AM Eastern.

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  1. Please post or link to the audio I missed it this morning and would love to hear it. (Or post a transcript. I know that would be very hard…. but…. it would be really interesting for us former SDAs out here.)

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