Signs the Recession is Finally Hitting the D.C. Area

This has nothing to do with Catholicism, but I found it funny.  I took this picture in the Metro station at Pentagon City.  See if you can figure out what’s going on (I explain below):

So a company advertising their temporary-placement services planned for a three-panel add boasting of their intelligence.  But either they couldn’t afford all three ads, or the person in charge of putting them up screwed up, but they got two-third of the way through the word, before getting rudely interrupted by Demi Moore on behalf of Ann Taylor.  Either way, the company comes off looking pretty unintellige


  1. Probably some marketer who thinks that if people talk about their company that is all that counts regardless if it’s negative. There aren’t that many new ideas. Man keeps searching for something new when it’s right there in front of him all the time.

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