Signs of Hope on the Horizon in the Abortion Battle

It’s always heartwarming to see things like this.  A pro-life Chicago flash mob called, fittingly “LIFE Mob” took to the streets to honor Pro-life Action League founder and president, Joseph Scheidler, and to counter-protest a pretty ugly pro-choice protest. As Mark Shea said,” I love that they are so young!”  

Anyone familiar with March for Life knows that this is normal — there’s a huge movement of young pro-lifers unlike anything that the pro-choice side has to offer.  The pro-life protesters also have more than their fair share of women — not infrequently, it’ll be a group of mostly female pro-lifers being shouted down by a group of pro-abortion men for being misogynists.
In any case, the pro-life counter-protesters prayed, sang joyful song, and held yellow balloons for life.  In response, a number of them had their tires slashed.  A study in contrasts, I suppose. This comes on the heels of another incident, a couple weeks ago, in which a “firebomb” was thrown at an elderly woman for praying for an end to abortion (she was unharmed, thankfully; the officer who arrived at the scene made clear he wasn’t going to investigate).  The fact that the pro-choice movement is turning increasingly violent suggests that they know that we’re winning.  Prayers and peaceful protests will win out over tire-slashing and firebombing ever time. It’s just a matter of time … and dedication.

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