Seems Like Only Yesteryear

I mentioned last month that in its coverage of the 2010 March for Life, Newsweek reported:

“The organizers are getting older, and it’s more difficult for them to walk a long distance,” says Stanley Radzilowski, an officer in the planning unit for the Washington, D.C., police department. A majority of the participants are in their 60s and were the original pioneers either for or against the case, he says.
So this raises the question: where are the young, vibrant women supporting their pro-life or pro-choice positions? Likely, they’re at home.

Now, Newsweek’s “reporting,” such as it was, was so thorough that this report was filed before the March even began. So maybe they’re basing it off of previous years? Well, let’s look at the coverage given the 2009 March for Life, by Newsweek:

Sister Sharon Dillon has been attending the annual March for Life for 20 years. A pro-life activist since high school, the 50-year-old former director of the Franciscan Federation doesn’t agree with Roe v. Wade—the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. But as strong as her convictions are, she’s also frustrated with the kind of single-minded activism she sees around her: young girls chanting, “hey hey, ho ho, Roe v. Wade has got to go!” “So much time has elapsed since Roe,” says Dillon. “I think among veterans, like me, few if any, think the Supreme Court is going to overturn it.”

So in 2009, the Marchers are a bunch of idealistic young girls who don’t realize that Roe will never get overturned. By 2010, they’re now “mostly in their 60s.” Those 2009 protesters grew up so fast.

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