Refreshing Clarity from the New USCCB President

Archbishop Dolan of New York, the newly elected USCCB president, had this to say on the pope’s recent remarks (and alleged remarks) on condoms:

“The Pope didn’t say, ‘Oh good, you should use a condom,’ ” Archbishop Dolan said, referring to a controversial comment the pope made in a book that is being released worldwide on Tuesday.

In the book, the pope said that a male prostitute who used a condom to prevent the spread of AIDS might be taking a first step toward moral responsibility. Some Catholic analysts claimed that the pope was floating a possible exception in the church’s ban on birth control. But Archbishop Dolan said the church could not simply change its doctrine.

“You get the impression that the Holy See or the pope is like Congress and every once in a while says, ‘Oh, let’s change this law,’ ” he said. “We can’t.”

Well said.  If you get a chance, check the full interview out: it’s comforting to know that Abp. Dolan has such a clear view of the threats which face our culture, and more importantly, the American Church Herself.


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