Radio, Radio!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I’m going the second radio interview of my adult life.  Once again, it’ll be for EWTN Radio’s Son Rise Morning Show; this time, it’ll be at  8:20 in the morning (that’s Eastern time). It’ll be on this morning’s post on warning others of the easily-treatable disease of sin.
It’ll be live locally (in Cincinnati, I think), and then repackaged and broadcast nationally at a later date. Last time, I think it was rebroadcast the very next morning (I can’t say for sure: I was fast asleep).  If you want to listen to it live, go to  Click the “On the Air: Click to Listen” button at the top of the screen.  Oh, and forewarning: the people trying to listen live on their iPhones weren’t able to, so you may need a good old-fashioned desktop computer.


  1. Not sure I follow: It will be recorded tomorrow (Wednesday 6/22) at 8:20, but broadcast on Thursday? Is it possible to listen live in Cincinnati on Wednesday? or will it be Thursday?

  2. Petrus,

    Son Rise Morning Show is broadcast from 6 AM – 8 AM nationally on EWTN. The show is then on for another hour, but only on Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati. However, they sometimes take interviews from the 8-9 AM hour and rebroadcast them on EWTN. I’ve got no way of knowing when they’re going to rebroadcast the clip.

    So if you’re listening in Cincinnati, you should be able to hear it live on 89.5 FM. If you’re anywhere else on Earth, you’ll have to listen online, or maybe get “lucky” and hear it on EWTN (maybe later this week).

    Oh, yeah. And afterwards, they’ll probably post an audio version of it online. So there are many times and ways you can hear the interview, if you’d so choose.


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