Rabbi Waskow on Ends v. Means

On the flip side, the same rabbi I criticized for his crazy abortion double-speak in my last post, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, has a surprisingly lucid and thoroughly convincing argument about the ends v. means debate. On this point, at least, we’re in total agreement, and I was shocked by the tactics he described both of the FBI in creating (and stopping) a terrorist attack to justify arresting a few random Muslims, and of the ironically-named “Californians Against Hate” who dredged up some pretty awful anti-Mormon stereotypes in their crusade for gay marriage. Best part of the post, however, goes to this quote by Martin Buber:

‘I do not even know what it means to say that “The ends justify the means,” but I can tell you this: The means that you actually use will become the ends that you actually achieve.’

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