Prescience, pt. 2

Taylor Marshall asked, “Did Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei prophesy the Anglican Ordinariates?”

The “prophesy” in question is from a 1958 quote by St. Josemaria, recounted by Msgr. Bill Stetson (incidentally, the head of the Catholic Information Center, where I go to Mass during the week, until 2007 – I just missed him). While visiting an Anglican church, St. Josemaria remarked, “If we don’t lend them a hand, the Christian Faith will die away in fifty years.” I’m not positive I’d call it prophetic, but it was certainly clear-minded foresight. And frankly, for all of the coming turmoil which St. Josemaria accurately predicted, it remains the case that fifty years later (2008), the Anglican Church still had a faithful remnant, a remnant which we’re appealing to with this Apostolic Constitution.

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