Prayer Request: Little Girl with a Brain Tumor

My second cousin, Rose Heschmeyer, is only seven years old, and is battling a brain tumor. She can greatly use your prayers. Here are the details from Audio Sancto, where her dad works:

In your Charity, please pray for the 7 year old daughter of the gentleman (and audio engineer) who records a lot of the sermons for Audio Sancto. She has been diagnosed as having a brain tumor and in the initial surgery the doctors were able to remove most but not all of the tumor. It is not yet known (as of Sunday April 29, 2012) if the tumor is malignant or what further treatment can be given as the location of the tumor makes further surgery questionable.
UPDATE (6:30pm, Monday April 30): “Rose is doing SUPER today — no pain meds since 1:00 am and she’s been able to get some much needed sleep. This afternoon she was able to go for a walk down the hall of the hospital.” Rose’s dad and mom wanted everyone to know they are extremely grateful for the prayers that have been offered for her.
We will be taking down the link on the home page but this page — — along with the Audio Sancto Facebook page, will continue to be updated as more info is received from Rose’s family.

From what I’ve heard, she’s doing very well right now, and our prayers seem to be praying off.  Please, feel free to join me in offering up prayers for her well-being!


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