Pixar Doesn’t Make a Bad Movie

I’m just saying. Up is an awesome movie.

And a wonderful antidote to the ADHD-inducing direction animation has gone in the last decade or so. There are just these incredibly long scenes where nothing is said, and beautiful classical music plays, while you watch a couple grow old together. It’s heartwarming (and at times, heart-breaking), and you grow to love the characters. I saw it in 3D on a double-date on Friday night, and the theater was packed (and I’m not sure there was a single child there, although since it was a 9:50 showing, that’s maybe a reflection of positive parenting… or of Friday night ticket prices).

Anyways, it was more than worth the cost of the ticket, which is saying something these days. It’s a clean, wholesome movie (no inappropriate jokes thrown in for the parents… ahem, Shrek series, Coraline, etc.!) and everyone I’ve talked to has thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you want a movie that leaves you feeling enriched, check it out.

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