George Tiller, RIP

Late-term abortionist George Tiller was gunned down in cold blood in church yesterday morning. I’m not in a position to know which is more of an affront to God: the fact that George Tiller was serving as an usher at Reformation Lutheran (an ELCA church), despite his notorious practice of aborting children partially out of […]

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GotQuestions Gets Angry

I mentioned yesterday that in March, I e-mailed GotQuestions.org about a post which I thought badly misinformed readers on the Biblical arguments surrounding divorce in cases of adultery. The article imputed bad faith to Catholics – NAB allegedly changed the Bible: “There does not seem to be any textual basis for the NAB’s choice of […]

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Notre Dame: The Fallout

The three major take-aways I’ve seen are: (1) Obama’s speech shows he’s actually “moderate” on abortion, (2) Notre Dame Loves Obama, and (3) only a handful of students protested. As this “gay news service” blog puts it in an article title “Notre Dame Protest Flops”: President Obama arrived at Notre Dame to thunderous applause and […]

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