On Retreat This Week

Every year, at the start of the spring semester, each class at Kenrick-Glennon seminary goes on a silent retreat. This means that I’ll be out of pocket this week, at Our Lady of the Snows (which is living up to its name). If you’ve already read the most recent posts, here are a few older ones that you may appreciate:

  • A brief look at the historical case for Catholicism, based upon arguments made by Hilaire Belloc, in Europe and the Faith. Key point: “even if we had no evidence whatsoever of what the Christians of the first or second century believed, the mere fact that we do have historical evidence that there was a stable Christian community obsessed with doctrinal accuracy, loathing theological novelty, and holding fast to what they claimed was Tradition into the early third century would make it quite likely that theres was the authentic Apostolic Faith. ”
  • One of the first posts on this blog, arguing that St. Paul learned the truth about the Church from his conversion on the Road to Damascus, and that this conversion helps explain his emphasis on the Church as the Body and Bride of Christ.
  • Where in the Bible is the Trinity?
  • And finally, three things you may have missed from John 9.
See you next week! God bless.

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