My Vocation Story (Plus Two More!)

Laurent Okitakatshi, Archbishop Joseph Naumann,
Daniel Koko Oleko, and yours truly.

Several people have asked for my vocation story, but I haven’t written much on the subject. So let me share a bit about how I got to be where I am now. This is from a radio show that I did with my bishop, Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s, on his radio show, “The Shepherd’s Voice,” back in April.

As I mentioned earlier, I had an hour-long interview on Vocation Boom on EWTN. The first part is my vocation story, and the second part is Q&A on vocations-related questions. If that sounds interesting to you (or you just want to hear how weird my voice sounds), check out the audio below:

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You can also download it here.

At the time, I was in Kansas City along with two of my friends, Daniel Koko Oleko and Laurent Okitakatshi. Daniel and Laurent are seminarians from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and were in town for Holy Week. Bill Scholl, who helps to put the show together, was more than happy to have all three of us on the show.

So this is really three vocation stories, plus the story of Daniel’s conversion to Catholicism, plus (during the first couple minutes), an explanation of Archbishop Naumann’s vision for the future of the Church.

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