It’s Finals Season!

I am officially into law school finals season. Second year is definitely better than first when it comes to finals, if only because you know what you’re getting into. Of course, this is just like bracing yourself for a punch – you know what you’re getting into, but it’s still gonna hurt! So far, I’ve finished my Race and American Law paper, done my Energy Trading and Market Regulation presentation, and am embarking on studying for my Canon Law final, which is Tuesday. After that, I’ve got finals in Constitutional Law II and Civil Rights, followed by a final paper for Energy Trading and Market Regulation.

I’m going to try and keep a pretty consistent series of updates, but I make no promises.
And please, feel free to say a few prayers for me that everything goes well. Thanks!

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  1. Hey Joe, great stuff. Ilove how you express the truth in your writings. I am praying for you in your final’s season. May God bless you.

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