Ireland Next Week!

So today is my birthday, and next week is Spring Break… probably the last Spring Break of my life. Meanwhile, my friend James “Roger” Losey just got his Masters in Physics, and looks like the paper he was working on with his professor might get published. (Warning: it’s incredibly boring, but wonderfully nerdy). Anyways, the two of us decided to celebrate by doing a week in Ireland, staying at various bed & breakfasts, as well as the stunning Cabra Castle along the way.

 So next week, I’m not sure how frequently I’ll have Internet, and I won’t want to be glued to the computer. What I’ll probably do instead is upload, whenever possible, some pictures from the trip, particularly of Catholic sites, with some brief descriptions. This’ll be nice, from my end, b/c it’ll mean I remember where the pictures are from… I tend to return from trips with way too many pictures, and way too little idea of where I was when I took the trip. Anyways, I look forward to what should be a fun change of pace both personally and on the blog. Keep us in your prayers for a safe flight and a spiritually-enriching trip to Catholic Ireland.

Edit: Just discovered that one of my favorite blogs shares my birthday. Delightful!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Have a blessed trip and lots of fun. I’ll try to look after this place while you’re away (no prmises about post count though). I’m spending my spring break with 48 high school juniors on a farm in Georgia.

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