iMonk, R.I.P.

I just found out that Michael Spencer, better known as iMonk, has died. You may recall that back in December, I mentioned his Catholic radio experiment, where he listened to EWTN Radio for an entire day, and then reported on what he felt were its strengths and weaknesses. His approach was so obviously charitable, and his criticism so obviously constructive that it lead to a lot of good interactions: Pat Madrid and Patrick Coffin (both EWTN Radio hosts) both added their two cents, and there was a generally-friendly back-and-forth between Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. Michael was a dedicated Evangelical with a Catholic wife who had both deep concerns about, and a transparent love for, the Catholic Church, and he’ll surely be missed, both as an individual and as a sheer force for ecumenism.

Principium Unitatis interviewed him in November, and recalls him fondly.

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