I’m on the Radio Monday and Saturday!

Thought I’d let you know that I’ll be on the radio twice in the next week:

  • I’ll be on Son Rise Morning Show on Monday, 6:20 AM Central / 7:20 AM Eastern. You should be able to listen to it live here, and it should also be live on EWTN Radio. I’ll be talking about whether or not Luther wanted to start a new Church (spoiler: yes).
  • On a more personal note, I’ll be on Vocation Boom! on Saturday, 4:00 PM Central / 5:00 PM Eastern. I’ll be sharing my vocation story. It’s an hour long. I think that the format will be about half and hour of me running my jaw about how God knows more than I do, and about half an hour of questions and answers. 
Both shows are on EWTN Radio Network, although programming varies by city.  If you live in Kansas City, EWTN is 1090 AM. In D.C., 1160 AM. In St. Louis, it’s 1080 AM. If you live somewhere else, check EWTN’s listings to find your local station. And if you’ve got satellite radio, it’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130.
Or, if you want to make it easy, just listen to both shows online here.
Please, check out both shows, and offer up a prayer that they go well!


  1. Joe, the more people who know about you the better. Your simple means of teaching theology and apologetics to others is exquisite. You’re a great asset to the Holy Church! God bless you now and in the future!

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