GotQuestions Update: A Positive Development

As part of the ongoing saga involving me communicating with about their coverage of all things (well, two things) Catholic, Shea responded to me today. If you’re not familiar with what’s gone on, here’s:

If you haven’t seen the update on my most recent response, I heard back from Shea, who said:


Thank you for clarifiying. I apologize if I have seemed “short” with you, but it is very difficult for us to stay patient with all those who express disagreement with our articles. I will commit to reviewing/editing the annulment article this week.

In Christ,


I’m pretty pleased with the response, and look forward to seeing how the final product looks. I’m “cautiously optimistic,” all things considered.

Edit: Over a month later, they edited the article, while failing to fix the major problems. See here for more

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