Google’s Annual April Fool’s Day Prank

Every year, Google puts together some pretty hilarious stuff for April Fool’s Day.  Last year, they changed their name to “Topeka” for the day (since Topeka had changed its name to “Google, Kansas” for a month, in hopes of wooing Google; it didn’t work — they went an hour down the road to Kansas City, KS).  This year, they’ve released Google Motion, which lets you replace the keyboard and mouse by  acting out what you want the computer to do:

Gmail Motion - Motion Guide

It’s sort of a tongue-in-cheek nod towards the rise of controller-less video game consoles (the Kinect, and the like), and it’s classic Google.  Funny, and totally nerdy.

Gmail Motion - Coming soon to Google Docs
Also, Google “Helvetica.” The results appear in Helvetica font. Same for Comic Sans, announcing that starting April 4, it’ll be Comic Sans for everyone, like it or not.

Wikipedia has a full list of Google’s April Fool’s pranks, while compiles a list of just the best.

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