Getting More Out of this Blog

It turns out that Blogger has designed some pretty cool ways you can view this blog (or any Blogger blogs).  Check out:

To turn any Blogger blog into one of these formats, just add: /view/flipcard after the URL (obviously, if you want Mosaic or something, write that instead of Flipcard).  So to see this blog as a timeslide, go to, instead of  Pretty easy! Of them all, I think Mosaic’s my favorite, but Sidebar’s definitely the most usable.  If I had more images on this blog, it’d look a lot cooler, too.

The other way to get more out of the blog is to subscribe to the comments feed!  I knew you could subscribe to get the posts, but I hadn’t realized that you could set it up so the feedback is automatically sent to your RSS or Atom feed reader.  It’s not false modesty to say that the comments are one of the best parts of this blog — lots of people have added valuable insights I never would have picked up on by myself.  Anyways, you should be able to get the Atom feed or RSS feed by adding those two URLs to your feed reader.  By the way, if that doesn’t work, let me know.

Edit: Proving my point about how helpful the comments are, Sam Pack Gregory writes:

Also, this might be too widely known to be helpful, but searching on Google like this: 

“site: search term” 

Makes it a lot easier to find where you’ve talked about certain things than using blogger’s internal search function (which makes you wade through the entirety of each post with your


  1. Unsolicited Suggestion Department:

    Have you (and, if not would you) consider adding Feedburner’s Subscribe via Email function to your blog? I love reading your posts. But, sometimes, I don’t want to have to get on the internet to do so. And it’d also be nice because I’d get them right when they are published and not have to live one more second without taking in your latest wisdom!

    Just a thought!

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