From Pew Potato to Here: A More Personal Note

Joe Bollig wrote a very generous write-up of yours truly in this week’s Leaven. It goes a bit more into personal back-story than I normally do around these parts, including the role of Fr. Andrew Strobl in saving my soul:
There was time in Heschmeyer’s life when you could have called him a “pew potato.”
Heschmeyer grew up across the state line in Missouri, but went to Bishop Miege High School in Roeland Park. During his freshman year, he was recruited for the debate team by an older friend, Andrew Strobl. Their parents were longtime friends, and the two boys had known each other their whole lives.
When Heschmeyer graduated in 2003, he followed Strobl to Washburn University in Topeka. Strobl, who turned out to be his dorm resident assistant, had meanwhile undergone a profound re-conversion to the Catholic faith.
Sometimes, on school breaks and weekends, they’d carpool to and from Topeka. During their 75-minute drives, Heschmeyer would pepper Strobl with questions.
Feel free to check it out. On a related note, feel free to add me on Facebook for a somewhat different experience. I often use Facebook as a sounding board for arguments that I haven’t fully developed, or when I don’t have enough to say to justify a full post. And while I’m getting all this personal stuff out of the way, let me take an opportunity to thank everyone who reads this blog, and everyone who comments on it. You folks make this blog a true joy, and I think that the level of discussion in the comments is enviable, both in that there tend to be really good questions, and the tone tends to be charitable. I’ve certainly learned a lot, and I hope you have as readers. God bless!

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