From Assassin to Presbyterian Pastor

The New York Times has a fascinating profile of Kim Shin-jo, the North Korean would-be assassin of South Korea’s president:

As the North Korean raiding party scattered and retreated northward, hunted for more than a week, all but two of the attackers committed suicide or were killed. One was a commando who got back safely to the North and later became a general. The other was Kim Shin-jo.

After a year of interrogation and a pardon from the government, Mr. Kim was reborn, first as a South Korean citizen and then as a Presbyterian minister. He met his wife a year after his release — she’s the one who turned him to Christianity — and they now have two grown children. Mr. Kim said his church outside Seoul had 70,000 members, making it the largest Presbyterian congregation in the world. He serves as one of 80 pastors there.

It is, on many levels, a story of mercy and redemption on so many levels.  Definitely worth the read.

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