Fr. Andrew Strobl, Vampire Hunter

Fr. Andrew Strobl, (alleged) Shameless Popery co-blogger, and Vampire Hunter extraordinaire:

That’s him on the right.  The priest on the left is the Priest at the End of the World.  They’re at some sort of gamers convention, and apparently, nobody believed that they were really priests, since a lot of other folks were wearing weird costumes, too.

Anyways, if this isn’t the perfect nexus of orthodoxy, nerdiness, and sheer awesome, I’m not sure what is.


  1. Someone told me I was on this website, so I typed shameless potpourii into google and couldn’t find it.

    Guess I finally made it!

    If you look closely you can see that the outfits contains stoles for confessions, holy water, a rosary(next to my stole), vials of blessed salt, first aid kits, pockets for holy oils, comms, and some hand carved stakes for chasing down runaway tents!

    I would like to say the briefcase is a Mass kit, but its actually my MERCS army.

    And a shout out to Fr. Andrew’s mom for staying up all night stitching the PRIEST patches on the back! Thank you!

  2. If that is how you (Papist Black Robe Knight Witch Hunters) are going to fight all heretical groups in the future, then the Lutherans are going to wave the white flag right now. We cannot match that fire power. I am sorry for that poor Presby women’s group.

  3. The what? Bible?! If we need that, we’ll call up Joe Heschmeyer. That guy seems to have it memorized like St. Thomas Aquinas.

    Seriously, a hard copy would be a good idea. I only had an electronic copy on me (same with the Liturgy of the Hours and the Roman Missal).

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