Flying Back to Kansas City!

I’m headed home to see my family and friends for a wonderful Independence Day, but in case I’m away from my computer, I leave you with a good link and a cheesy joke.

The good link is to Nicene Truth’s page, showing the Catholicity of St. Augustine. He just lists a lot of Augustine quotes without a whole heck of a lot of commentary – just headers. Tip of the hat to Patrick Madrid for the heads up.

The cheesiest 4th of July joke that I know is this.

Q. Do they have 4th of July in Great Britain?
A. Yes. They just don’t celebrate it.

It’s so dumb. But I love it anyways. A lot of guys my dad used to work with were from Wales, and they came to our 4th of July party one year (with much more beer than was needed) to celebrate “America’s Going Away Party.”

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