Five Predictions for 2010

Phil Lawler, author of The Faithful Departed (probably the single best book on the sex abuse scandal, particularly as it related to the Church in Boston) has released a lot of good end-of-year Catholic news analysis:

My only qualms with his “best” and “worst” list would probably be order — I think his #1 most positive development should have been about third, since his #2 and #3 are bigger and more globally important, in my estimation. Still, he’s right on the money, and there were a few stories I’d forgotten about, or hadn’t remembered were within the last year.

His prediction list focuses specifically on the Vatican and Pope Benedict. It’s an exciting list: nothing too novel, but I sincerely hope he’s right on his four positive predictions, particularly #5 and #2. I’m not going to be any more specific than that today, so that I don’t spoil anything for readers interested in Lawler’s take. But I’m interested in what other people think in terms of what to expect from Benedict 2010.

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