Dowd, Revisited

Maureen Dowd attempted to downplay the reasons women’s religious were being subject to a Vatican-ordered Apostolic Visitation in her usual snark: “The pope can wear Serengeti sunglasses and expensive red loafers, but shorter hems for nuns? Disgraceful!” Read my earlier post on radical pro-GLBT, pro-choice Sr. Quinn, and then go back and read Dowd’s article. Does anyone reading this want to pretend that this is over the length of the habits that Dowd seems to think liberal nuns still wear? Honestly. It’s 2009, year of the pro-choice pantsuit. Modernity, folks.

On a more serious note, hopefully it’s abundantly clear that (a) a lot of liberal women’s religious need dramatically more Church discipline then they’re getting; and (b) the Catholic Church is nowhere close to over-enforcing its rules, as 35 year public offender Quinn demonstrates.

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