Daily Lenten Poems

An Anglican friend, Bryan Wandel, has put together a great collection of 40 short Lenten poems for each day of Lent. So far, he’s featured gems from John Donne, George Herbert, and the like.  For example, on Ash Wednesday, he fittingly chose this excerpt from “Ash Wednesday,” by John Keble:

John Keble (1860)

… Let us keep our fast within,
Till Heaven and we are quite alone,
Then let the grief, the shame, the sin,
Before the mercy-seat be thrown.
Between the porch and altar weep,
Unworthy of the holiest place,
Yet hoping near the shrine to keep
One lowly cell in sight of grace.

You can see all of the poems here, or if you’d like to receive the daily e-mail, shoot him a message at [email protected]

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