Cult’s Lawyer Blasts “Dirty Catholics,” “Bigoted Catholic Beasts” and “Jesuitesses”

SIST’s Cult leader, Brother Rama Behera,
a.k.a Dr. R. C. Samanta Roy,
a.k.a Avraham Cohen 

This is one of those things you’ve got to read to believe.  Here’s the background. A corporation called Yehud Monosson USA Inc. filed for bankruptcy. Yehud’s lawyer, Rebekah Nett, missed an important 1 o’clock hearing on a motion, because the Trustee accidentally gave her the wrong time (1:30). Since Nett was busy later that afternoon, the hearing had to be pushed back a few weeks, and the Court entered an order to that effect.

This is pretty standard stuff. But here’s what makes it interesting: Yehud is a wholly owned shell corporation of an insane religious cult called the Dr. R. C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science & Technology (“SIST”), whose last brush with publicity was in 2008, when the FBI announced an investigation into the group for creating a 60-person hitlist.

So where a normal lawyer would have just been happy to have the hearing delayed, SIST filed one of the craziest pleadings I’ve ever read in my life, and certainly the craziest to have ever been approved by two lawyers (it was signed by Rebekah Nett, and approved by Naomi Isaacson, who is both SIST’s president and a licensed attorney). It accuses the Judge and the two court-appointed Trustees of being part of a vast Catholic conspiracy.  The judge immediately responded with an Order to Show Cause as to why they shouldn’t be sanctioned.  In it, she included some of SIST’s more bizarre quotes:

    Ego sum Papa (“I am the pope“),
    from an anti-papal tract (late-15th c.)
  • Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church. Judge Dennis O’Brien is a Jesuit, Judge Nancy Dreher is a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter, U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger is a priest’s boy, and the infamous Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty is a Jesuitess.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “Jesuitess” as “One of an order of nuns established on the principles of the Jesuits, but suppressed by Pope Urban in 1633.” So in addition to being a Catholic spy, she’s apparently also hundreds of years old.

Also, smearing an entire religious group as “bigoted” (particularly in the middle of calling them “ignoramuses” and “beasts”) is a special kind of irony.

  • Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty had actually scheduled the hearing with Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, for 1:00 p.m. but sent notice to the Debtor that the hearing was set for 1:30 p.m.

This is crazy not just because it starts the pattern of constantly slurring her as “the Catholic judge,” but because of the footnote in the judge’s Order, in which she notes: “I have never been Catholic.”  Anti-Catholic bigotry is bad.  Anti-Catholic bigotry against non-Catholics is just insane.

  • Debtor seriously questions Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty’s motive in informing Debtor of the wrong time for the hearing. Was it to the [sic] make the job of the black-robed bigot that much easier? So, rather than forcing the Court to hear the case on its merits, the matter can just go by default? Debtor is suspicious of the Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty’s motive given her track record of lies, deceit, treachery, and connivery, particularly, [sic] since the Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty, the U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger, and Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, have been communicating with each other about this Debtor on an ex parte basis.

I thought “black-robed bigot” was a surprisingly clever way of smearing Catholics and judges at once.

  • U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger, Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty, and Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, are of the same race and religion and their track record demonstrates their conspiracy and deceitful practices to hurt the Debtor. Even though all documents have been produced, Jesuitess Nauni Manty keeps repeating the same lie that records are missing.

Again, this one would be crazy on its own, but Judge Dreher adds a footnote: “I do not know of what religion, if any, Ms. Manty is, but it cannot be the same as mine, as I am not of any particular faith.”  So an agnostic / atheist is the latest face of the Vast Catholic Conspiracy.

  • Debtor and its representatives have never experienced any justice at the hands of these inquisitors. Since Debtor has been vocal is exposing their dirty deeds, these dirty Catholics have conspired together to hurt Debtor.

What anti-Catholic tirade would be complete without a gratuitous reference to the Inquisition?  And seriously, a lawyer signed a pleading ranting against “these dirty Catholics”?

  • Given what these dirty Catholics are capable of and particularly since there is no law to protect the minority, Debtor is concerned about what their secret plans are for the December 6, 2011 hearing. Catholic deeds throughout the history have been bloody and murderous.

That went from bigotry (“Given what these dirty Catholics are capable of”) to a cry for religious tolerance (“there is no law to protect the minority”) back to bigotry (blaming these three for the alleged “Catholic deeds throughout the history”).  A seamless transition.

  • One can only conclude that Nancy Dreher, the Catholic judge, is part of the conspiracy to deprive Debtor of its due process rights since she went ahead and issued an Order when she clearly knew the reason Debtor’s counsel was not present at the hearing.

Yes, that’s the only possible conclusion.

  • Given the track record of injustice in this case, it seems that Debtor will never see justice until the matter is addressed in an international court in Beijing, China.

Where to begin?  Do SIST’s lawyers understand how the American court system works?  For that matter, Is China known for its respect for weird cults?


  1. The weird thing is that a Chapter 7bankruptcy case for a corporation does not lead to a discharge. It only stops litigation and does very little. I’m a creditors rights lawyer and deal with these types of idiots all the time. They want the world on their terms. Sounds very familiar to the reformation!!!

  2. Wow! That is a great story to start out the day.

    I have to say though, doesn’t every conspiracy theory lead straight to the top. Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t get a shout out?

    I guess if you’re going to call atheist/ agonostics role players in the Catholic Church, you probably aren’t aware of how the hierarchy actually works.

  3. Could someone please tell me where I can find a proper Catholic Knight Witch Hunter these days. My last one moved to Florida to be near his grandchildren. Now I have no one to man the potato gun when we declare war on the Presbyterian Ladies’ Sewing Circle down the street.

    In a pinch, I’ll settle for Catholic Samurais. But they’ll have to bring their own throwing stars and numchucks ’cause I’m all out and don’t have any money left in the budget to buy more — sorry. Thanks!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME!! The war on the Presby Ladies’ Circle I’m planning is really just a first dry-run preparing for the real thing, which is only one year and one week away — 12/21/12: Zombie Apocalypse Day! My people will be getting with your people. (Presbyterians were the closest thing we could find to real zombies.)

    Union of prayers —
    Fr. Frank

  5. Yup, it is. We just need to start with folks where they are. For instance, I’ve found that the guys in my parish are a lot more willing to coming to Holy Name Society for a group rosary if we blow something up at the end.

  6. I don’t. Like you, I’m trying to stay waaay under the Chancery Radar Screen of Fraternal Correction and Re-Education. Plus, we’ve got nuns trained in waterboarding here.

  7. Dear Fr Frank,

    Leave those poor old Presbyterian women alone!
    As an escapee of the Catholic education system, the Presbyterians came to my aid providing me with a first rate education, shelter and the ability to indulge in Jesus-songs with actions which we would never (rightly) allow at Mass.

    Good times.

    Miss Doyle

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