Brash, Bold, or Just Bald?

I’m humbled that Joe invited me to be a contributor to this blog. He defends the truth, beauty, and goodness of faith in Jesus Christ with a tenacity and sincerity that is most welcome in the blogdom. I will come nowhere close to his depth, breadth, and volume of posts and insights. However, I’m sure some more bite-sized posts are welcome as well.

In terms of introduction, here is the homily that I gave last weekend (apologies for the quality of the recording…sounds like I’m preaching at a nursery in a fishbowl).

This was a difficult homily for me to give. Not so much because the topics covered are unpopular truths (the evil of contraception in this instance), but because unmasking sin hurts. Inviting Christ’s light to shine on the shadows of our life is painful. Old wounds may need attention, new wounds may be revealed, and the crosses we have neglected may demand our surrender. As a priest, sharing the truth of Christ is not something I can afford to do casually. I must share in every wound and cross I uncover. Ultimately, the struggle is of course worth the share we receive in the triumph of the Cross and Resurrection, but I’m still not seasoned enough to avoid flinching.

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