Blog Worth Keeping an Eye on For Reading Fans

You may remember my friend Carlos Olea as the guy who loaned me his laptop indefinitely in October when I lost first my laptop, and then my girlfriend’s (although in my semi-defense, hers was stolen, not strictly lost). Anyways, two cool developments:

  1. He got a new laptop for Christmas, and told me I could keep the loaner. Which is excellent, because I’ve grown really fond of it, and was dreading giving it back (which I really was going to do, even though I’ve borrowed it for a few months).
  2. He’s got a new blog, with a clever theme. He’s going to read the collection of all the Nobel laureates in literature… ever. He’s starting off easy. Just kidding. He’s starting with Solzhenitsyn. You can read about the idea for the blog here, and his first review here.

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