Bible Code, Meet “Anagram Code”

First, there was the Bible Code, the idea that if you looked hard enough, you could find secret messages in the letters of the Bible. Not like… reading them in order. But like reading every seventh one. Now, I present you THE ANAGRAM MAKER. (h/t Mark Shea). Warning, this will eat up a good chunk of your afternoon.

At first, it seemed like good innocent fun. But then I noticed that the system was sending strange theological messages. Some of the more hilarious results:

  • Simon Peter = ME NO PRIEST
  • Martin Luther = MANLIER TRUTH
  • Saint Augustine = NAUSEATING SUIT
  • Joseph Ratzinger = THE PRIZES JARGON (which is easily transposed to PRIZES THE JARGON)
  • Pope Benedict XVI = PIN DECEPTIVE BOX (not sure what it means, but it sounds accusatory)

At first, it seems like the computer is just an anti-Catholic Protestant, perhaps one of those low-church Evangelicals who hates St. Augustine (and his suit). But then…

  • Jesus Christ = SUCH JEST SIR

I hate to tell you, heathen computer, but He wasn’t joking!

Once you start this thing, it’s dang near impossible to stop.

* He also has obscene things to say about George Bush and St. Thomas Aquinas. Perhaps this computer is a New Atheist.

EDIT: Turns out, there may be some hope for the heathen computer after all. If you type in Saint Peter, you get NEAT PRIEST.

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