Being Skeptical About the Skeptics

So this is pretty cool. Biblical skeptics have long argued that the Bible can’t be older than the 6th century B.C. because that’s when Hebrew was first written down. If true, this would mean that much of the Bible was either (a) originally oral history, or (b) falsified, and made to seem older than it really is.

Well, scientists have now discovered Hebrew inscriptions on pottery from the 10th century B.C. So that 6th century B.C. theory is dead in the water. Sadly, Biblical skeptics are so unskeptical of their own knowledge that they’ll likely update their theories to just say, “well, it can’t be older than the 10th century B.C.,” rather than “we really don’t know when Hebrew was first written down, since it was usually written on biodegradable papyrus rather than pottery.”

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