Bart Stupak (D-MI) Speaks Out Against Abortion in the Healthcare Bill

A lot of people are arguing that all the talk about abortion being covered by the proposed healthcare bills is a partisan political ruse, designed to derail Obamacare, a legislative defeat which could send his entire agenda reeling in the months before midterm elections (yup, they’re already talking about that here in D.C. – it’s a constant campaign cycle). But here’s Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan validating the pro-lifers’ claims with a pretty specific explanation.

What’s more, he says he’s willing to lose his job fighting against abortion funding, even if it means fighting against the healthcare bill as a whole (which he’d like to support). And he’s not alone – he’s leading a coalition of 40 pro-life House Democrats. It’d be wonderful to see the Democratic party, with all of its historic connections to Catholic, especially inner-city Catholics, embrace a platform compatible with basic tenets of Catholicism.

If Stupak’s right: if he can get and keep forty pro-life Democrats, and if he can get the Republican support he’s predicting, he could have upwards of 220 House members willing to stop a pro-abortion version of the bill from going forward. I’ll be honest that I’m a bit skeptical, since the pro-choicers already narrowly beat him once (30-28 in committee; although he’d won the first voice, they used House procedure to get a second, and leaned on committee Dems, if memory serves). In any case, he’s doing the right thing. I don’t think Stupak’s job’s really is in danger (he’s won his last elections handily), but I’m sure he and the other brave Congressional pro-lifers can use your prayers and support.

EDIT: Perhaps I spoke too soon. He’s left open the option of moral cowardice coupled with a mere nod towards pro-lifeness. We shall see.

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