Author: Joe Heschmeyer


Mea Maxima Culpa

A few apologies I felt were in order: Mea Culpa: I managed to write about papal infallibility with hardly a reference to the Early Church Fathers. The ECFs are probably the strongest support for the papacy, and papal infallibility. For example, St. Irenaeus, in his book Against Heresies (Book 3, Chapter 3, section 2) written […]

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Easter Recap

Easter Triduum was mostly excellent. Saw a lot of family (which is great), including a ton of adorable babies (well, 4, although #5 is on his/her way). The Good Friday service was very good, although it was very long (an hour and forty minutes) and I had no seat. Still, I love seeing a packed […]

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Well said, Mark!

We interrupt this program… …to bring you Mark Shea’s two-part post on why comparing Obama to Hitler is inaccurate, or as he puts it, “crazy beyond comparison.” He’s a little edgy on his blog, but I think his overall point is a really important one, and his sort of over-the-top style expresses that, although “with […]

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Il Papa! Papal Infallibility, pt. 3: The Good Shepherd Calls a Shepherd

This is part three of an exploration of the origins of the papacy and the idea of papal infallibility. Yesterday, we looked at how papal infallibility is the natural result of a Holy Spirit protected Church lead on Earth by one man. This raised the obvious question: did Christ establish a Church to be lead […]

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