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First, I apologize for slacking on my duties as a contributor to this blog. Joe has been extremely patient with me and I am very grateful for his understanding. I am a great fan of his work and I’m still humbled that he lets me post. That being said, I’d like to give a plug to another blog…

I just found out about a new blog that a parishoner of mine, Leon Suprenant, is doing. I actually became familiar with Leon’s work before I even seriously started discerning the priesthood as he was the editor and contributor for some of the Catholic for a Reason series of books. Currently, he is working with My Catholic Faith Delivered which is associated with the School of Faith. He has some wonderful insights and, more importantly, has a great family (they definitely heed the advice that Leon offers in his post “The Proper Care and Feeding of Priests”). I know just keeping up with Shameless Popery can be daunting, but I think Catholic Hour will be worth a bookmark and regular read.

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  1. Fr. Andrew,

    I note that his second most recent post is called “The Proper Care and Feeding of Priests.”

    I’m just saying I’m a bit suspicious about how disinterested you really are in all of this.

    On a related note, thanks for lunch last week – that place was delicious. My parents regretted not being able to meet with your parents longer, but there was a function at the Switzers for New Year’s.

    Great to see you back and active on the blog!

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