A Question of Life and Choking

A Washington Post article today had an analogy so bizarre that it seemed worth mentioning. An article on the strained relationship between Obama and House Dems ends like this:

One House Democrat compared their relationship with the White House to the 1970s Life commercials starring “Mikey,” the kid whose brothers trick him into eating the cereal. “There’s a sense that’s the White House’s attitude toward us,” the lawmaker said. “And now, Mikey ate it and he’s choking on it, and there’s no appreciation.”

What? Was there some sort of really dark version of the Life Cereal commerical I don’t know about? I mean, I’m familiar with this famous Life Cereal ad, with Mikey:
But this commercial is the opposite of what the House rep is trying to say, because here, the adventurous one (Mikey, representing House Democrats) likes the cereal, and the other two (presumably the Senate and Obama) say, “Hey Mikey! He likes it!” That seems pretty appreciative.

Was there some “lost commerical,” where instead of liking the cereal, Mikey starts choking on it? And he’s not appreciated? (Showing a person using your product chocking seems like pretty bad advertising in general, but I imagine especially so if your product is called “Life”). And is this anonymous House Democrat suggesting that Obama wants them to die?

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