Month: July 2016


Your Soul is Worth More than Your Vote

Ary Scheffer, The Temptation of Christ (1854)
It's election season again, and this one's a particular mess. "While our broken civilization will inevitably cease to be someday, the same isn't true of our souls. And it's these immortal souls that we are rushing to sacrifice on the altar of partisanship. We're sacrificing the eternal for the temporal, and not even managing to swing the outcome of the election (an election that turns out to matter a lot less than we've been made to believe). It's a Faustian bargain beneath our human dignity. "

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Wait for the Lord: Learning from Judith, Anna and Simeon

Giovanni Bellini, The Presentation in the Temple (1499)
In the face of a political and personal future that often seems uncertain or unpleasant, it's easy to lose heart and to despair of God's presence in our lives. Fortunately, Scripture presents a radically different message. Here's what Judith, Simeon and Anna have to show us about aligning our lives to God's timetable, instead of trusting in secular salvation.

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