Month: April 2014


What the Canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II Means for SSPX and Traditionalists

Two days ago, on Divine Mercy Sunday, Pope Francis canonized Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. For most of us Catholics, this was a time of great rejoicing. But it was not so for everyone. Critics of JPII at both extremes of the ideological spectrum (so to speak) denounced his canonization. Both his canonization, […]

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Is Easter Pagan?

Every year around Easter time, there’s a spate of articles and Facebook posts that seek to disprove Christianity. This year, there were two: that Jesus had a wife, and that Easter is really just worship of the pagan deities Ishtar and Eostre. Fr. Stephen Grunow, CEO of Word on Fire, had the definitive response to […]

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A Holy Thursday Challenge

Nicolas Poussin, The Institution of the Eucharist (1640) Tonight marks the beginning of Triduum, the most sacred season of the year. It’s the three day period lasting from Holy Thursday evening until Easter. It’s here, on Holy Thursday, that Christ institutes the Eucharist at the Last Supper. Here’s how St. Paul describes it in tonight’s […]

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Stephen Colbert and the Death of Protestant America

Stephen Colbert, 2007(Photo: David Shankbone) Certain events, small in themselves, can serve as cultural bellwethers, pointing to the direction that the culture is going as a whole. Two years ago, we saw one of these in the replacement of the Supreme Court’s last Protestant, Justice David Souter (an Episcopalian), with Justice Sonia Sotomayor (a Catholic). […]

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Help Fund a Nun!

Update: See below. My friend Mary Beth Baker is entering the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecila, better known as the Nashville Dominicans. It’s a good example of God’s sense of humor, since she’s been running a blog about life as a single Catholic girl in D.C. for some time now. She’s actually the second of […]

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Rwanda and Forgiveness, Twenty Years On

The skull, Rosary, and belongings of a genocide victim,Genocide Memorial Center, Kigali, Rwanda. Twenty years ago today, the unthinkable occurred: a post-Holocaust genocide. On April 7th, 1994, in the east African nation of Rwanda, militant Hutus began a 100-day of terror, slaughtering countless Tutsis, along with Twa (Rwandan pygmies) and moderate Hutus. All told, an […]

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Four Surprising Facts About John Calvin and the “Apocrypha”

One of the major issues dividing Catholics and Protestants is the Bible. Catholic Bibles have seven Books that Protestants reject: Protestants call these Books “the Apocrypha,” while Catholics call them “the Deuterocanon.” This dispute matters, because it’s hard to agree on what Scripture says if we can’t even agree on what Scripture is, on which Books are […]

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