Month: January 2014


The Fascinating Exorcism Case in USA Today

USA Today, of all places, is reporting on an exorcism case, originally reported in the Indianapolis Star. It’s remarkable for several reasons. First, because of the sheer number of eyewitnesses: the Star interviewed “police, DCS [Department of Child Services] personnel, psychologists, family members and a Catholic priest.” There are nearly 800 pages of official records […]

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Three Major Arguments Against “Assurance of Salvation”

I am frequently asked by Protestants why we Catholics don’t teach “assurance of salvation,” the belief that those who are currently saved are guaranteed ultimate salvation, no matter what. Someone cannot be temporarily saved and ultimately damned. Calvinists and many Evangelicals affirm this doctrine (under different names: assurance of salvation, perseverance of the Saints, “Once Saved, […]

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7 Quick Takes, March for Life Edition: Why We’re Marching

Today is the annual March for Life. Here’s seven Quick Takes for why we’re marching: 1. Roe v. Wade Really was a Terrible Court Decision Abortion is talked about in emotionally-charged soundbites, and it’s easy to overlook how radical the Roe v. Wade decision actually is. A federal law legalizing abortion would be bad enough. Instead, we […]

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FOCUS’ 30 Under 30

I recently discovered that I had the honor of being selected for FOCUS’ “30 Under 30” series. If you’re not familiar, FOCUS is the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, “a national outreach that meets college students where they are and invites them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.” Their 30 […]

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Taking a “People First” Approach to Homosexual Attraction and Actions

I want to spend this, my first blog post of 2014, addressing how we think about the subject of homosexual attractions and actions. For what it’s worth, much of this applies to heterosexual attractions and inclinations, as well. I think an overhaul in our thinking on the subject is long overdue. Hear me out, then […]

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