Month: May 2013


How to Treat the Church Fathers (According to the Church Fathers)

Yesterday, we looked at three common ways of misusing the Church Fathers: (1) ignoring or fearing them; (2) exploiting them; (3) treating them as individually infallible. These may seem like simple points, but a large number of Christians (Catholics and Protestants alike) fall into at least one of these three camps. Given this, what does […]

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Three Ways You Shouldn’t Treat the Church Fathers

Woodcut, The Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) What should we Christians make of the Early Church Fathers, the early Christians who preserved orthodox Christianity? After all, these are the men who compiled the Scriptures, organized the early Ecumenical Councils, and warded off dozens of heresies. How much attention should we pay to their writings, and how much […]

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Son Rise Morning Show: 10 Things I Learned in My First Year of Seminary

Ludovico Mazzolino, The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus Teaching in the Temple (1524) At 7:50 (Central) tomorrow morning, I’m going to be on Son Rise Morning Show, talking about what I learned in my first year of seminary.You’ll only be able to hear me online (unless you happen to live in Cincinnati). So if you want to listen to it live, go to, and click […]

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1 of the 497

The courses are complete. The vestments are ready. The chalice sits waiting for its sacred duty. Six years in the seminary have finally led to this: ordination to the Sacred Priesthood. Since Joe has been fraternally nudging me to post more, I thought I might take a moment and give a glimpse into what it […]

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Speaking Out Against the Slave Labor of the Sweatshop System

The Rana Plaza building near Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed recently, killing (at latest count) 657 sweatshop workers, and seriously injuring thousands. Pope Francis responded in a homily, condemning the horrible wages and conditions: Not paying a just [wage], not providing work, focusing exclusively on the balance books, on financial statements, only looking at making personal profit. […]

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