Month: June 2012


Hearts of Flesh: Leah Libresco on Her Conversion from Atheism to Catholicism

Not every atheist’s conversion to Catholicism gets covered by CNN or MSNBC or The Blaze.  But Leah Libresco did.  Why?  Well, for starters, she’s responsible for what was, until quite recently, a rather popular atheist blog who is the antithesis of the caricature of Catholics, that we’re irrational, misogynistic drones.  Her conversion was a surprise to many, Christians and atheists alike, to say […]

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Defending the Deuterocanon, Book by Book (Part II)

On Tuesday, we explored why we Catholics have Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, and a longer version of Esther in our Bibles. Today, we’ll discuss why we have the other Deuterocanonical books: Sirach, Baruch, 1st and 2nd Maccabees, and the longer version of Daniel. V. Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) The Book was Probably Referenced by Jesus Christ: Sirach 27:6 […]

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Why Memorized Prayer?

One of the questions asked in response to the live Shameless Popery series was “What is the Catholic response to Protestant/Fundamentalist ‘push back’ regarding memorized prayer?” This is a question that’s been tackled before on this blog, but I wanted to address it from a different angle. Last time, the focus was on the fact that […]

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The New Eugenics: How Abortion Disempowers Mothers

In his 2009 essay Her Choice, Her Problem, Prof. Richard Stith argues that, paradoxically, “the option of abortion actually makes sympathy and solidarity—and thus women’s empowerment—less likely.” As he explained: Anonymous, Pregnant Mary (detail) (1505) When birth was the result of passion and bad luck, some people could sympathize with a young woman who was going […]

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Did Augustine Deny that the Catholic Church Gave Us the Scriptures?

A Reformed blogger, TurretinFan, rejects the authority of the early Ecumenical Councils, and suggests that every dispute needs to be resolved through Scripture, which is allegedly independent of the Catholic Church, the property of all.  He cites to this passage from St. Augustine for support, which he suggests shows that Augustine “sounded exactly like a Sola Scriptura […]

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