Month: January 2012


Three Prophesies About Christ That Couldn’t Have Been Made Up

In the New Testament, Jesus is depicted as fulfilling numerous Old Testament Messianic prophesies.  These prophesies provide objective verification that He is Who He claims to be.  But how can we know that these things really happened?  In other words, how do we know that the New Testament writers didn’t just make up these details, […]

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The Annual March for Life Media Blackout

This picture is one of numerous great shots highlighted by Matt Cassens on his blog St. Blogustine (which I note in passing is an excellent name for a blog).  Contrast it with Newsweek’s spin from 2010, in an article entitled, Who’s Missing at the ‘Roe v. Wade’ Anniversary Demonstrations? Young Women.  The article rhetorically asked, “where are the […]

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Does the Pope Believe in the Resurrection?

Hans Multscher, The Resurrection of Christ (1437) That’s the title of an article written by Matthew Vogan, who appears to be an elder of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.  Incredibly, he claims that Benedict denies the historical Resurrection of Christ, and “flatly denies the fundamental biblical truth of the resurrection of the body.”  That’s obviously absurd, […]

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