Month: December 2010


Pope Benedict on the “Dark” Passages of the Bible

How should Christians understand the so-called “dark” passages of the Bible?  Even the Old Testament protagonists have some pretty shady and even disgusting doings.  To take one obvious example, there’s Lot drunkenly impregnating his own daughters in Gen. 19:30-36, after earlier offering them to the would-be rapists of Sodom, as an attempt to distract them […]

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Battle of the Marinis and the Future of the Liturgy

Washington Post’s coverage on the difference between Archbishop Piero Marini, the liturgist under Pope John Paul II from 1987 onwards, and his young replacement, Monsignor Guido Marini (no relation), the liturgist under Pope Benedict XVI since 2007, is worth the read.  In short, “Marini the Elder” favored trying to add a lot of local flair […]

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Merry Christmas!

Today’s the last day of Advent.  Tomorrow is Christmas. There’s so much to be thankful for, but nothing moreso than the fact that God the Son became Man so that we might be saved, and might come to share in the Divine nature. Here’s Bishop Olmsted explaining Who is the center of his life. Let […]

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The Vatican Settles the Condom Debate

The Congregation for Doctrine and Faith, Pope Benedict’s old stomping grounds as Cardinal, has issued a statement clarifying the obvious: the pope’s comments, contrary to the media reports, never suggested a change in the Church’s position, nor is there going to be one.  From the English press release: Following the publication of the interview-book Light […]

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