Month: November 2010


90s Flashback: Creepy Propaganda for Kids

Yesterday, I was reading an obituary written by Robert Poole, of Reason Magazine, for Dave Nolan, the recently-departed founder of the Libertarian Party.  In it, he says: Dave and I came to libertarianism by similar paths, growing up reading Robert Heinlein’s individualist-oriented science fiction and then discovering Ayn Rand’s writings. For some reason, this sentence […]

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An Early Church Father Worth Knowing: Optatus of Milevis

I. Who Optatus of Milevis Was Prior to last week, I’d never heard of St. Optatus, the bishop of Milevis in the middle-300s.  I’m not alone: the  preface to the 1917 translation of Against the Donatists, the only work of his we still have, calls him “perhaps the least known of all the Fathers of the Church.”  As […]

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“Mother” Church? “Mother” Mary?

Lots of Protestants are uneasy with the way that Catholics personify the Church as “Mother Church,” and refer to the Church as She.  They’re also uncomfortable, of course, with Catholics referring to Mary as “Mother.”  Both of these practices, however, are derived from Scripture. I. The Church Personified Now, the Church is frequently personified in Scripture.  Paul […]

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The End of the Ostpolitik?

Todd Hatch wrote an interesting account of his experience finally standing up for traditional marriage (once he got tenure) at a public university.  The experience sounds like it’s been brutal but edifying: mostly, he’s just been yelled at and called all sorts of names for not thinking-the-popular-thing. In the midst of all this, while reading […]

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