Month: October 2010

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A Eucharistic Poem

A friend of mine wrote a Eucharistic poem that I really enjoy, and he gave me permission to post it here.  It’s beautiful, and I think it explains the theology of the Eucharist quite well.  Enjoy: On the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass “I AM and I am sacrifice,Eternal Lamb of God.”Two natures hung upon […]

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Interesting NY Times Article on Conservative Catholic Bloggers

The New York Times has an article entitled “Catholic Bloggers Aim to Purge Dissenters.”  As you might have guessed from the silly title, it’s about conservative/orthodox Catholics.  The article tries to understand why at this moment in history, we’re seeing a sudden surge in conservative Catholic blogs online, and why their often hostile to their own […]

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A Wonderful Ministry

There’s a great Christian Science Monitor profile of Don Ritchie, an elderly Australian man who has saved countless lives through a little Christian charity.  He own a house near the edge of a cliff that’s popular for suicide jumpers, so he does his best to invite anyone suspiciously close to the edge in for a […]

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Three Quick Notes

(1) Catholic Information Center is hosting Yuval Levin from 6 PM onwards tonight as part of its monthly CIC Young Professionals Happy Hour. The name of Levin’s speech is “Beyond the Welfare State,” and CIC has issued an open invitation to “Gather the Jews,” a the Jewish counterpart to CIC Young Professionals, and is offering […]

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