Month: August 2010

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Worst of Both Worlds

What if you were to combine the worst elements of traditional Catholic hymns (and the worst element I can think of is, “It’s in a language the singers often don’t understand”) with the worst elements of hippie Catholic folk-pop (which I don’t think need listing)? Ahem. I suppose I should be pleased the song’s in […]

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A Telling Comment

Back in March, I posted on Georgetown’s Law’s “Lavender Graduation.” It is, in the words of Dean of Student Mitch Bailin,”a special ceremony designed to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Georgetown’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender graduating students.” My argument is pretty simple: there’s simply no way a self-proclaimed Catholic university can affirm this. […]

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One Atheist’s Take on the Anti-Papal Fervor in the UK

Padraig Reidy, Irish-born self-proclaimed “professional atheist” (in other words, a former deputy editor of the atheist magazine New Humanist), has penned an interesting article for the Guardian entitled, “I’m an atheist but this anti-Catholic rhetoric is making me nervous.” The article’s worth reading, but a little background may be in order. The pope is planning […]

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Marian Days!

Despite growing up in Missouri, I had not until very recently learned that one of the US’ largest Catholic events takes place in my home state. Turns out, sleepy Carthage, Missouri (2000 Census population: 12,668) is home every year to a three-day Vietnamese-American Catholic bonanza called Marian Days in early August. The event averages 50-70,000 […]

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Religious Intolerance and “Islamophobia”

Frank Beckwith had a great post responding to Time Magazine’s latest cover, which reads “Is America Islamophobic?” To answer Time’s question, there are certainly some people who have irrational fears about Islam. No question. But those folks are clearly in the minority, as Islamic-related polls tend to show pretty clearly. More troubling is the tendency […]

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Why “Lord of the Dance” Should be Taken Out of Church

Growing up, my favorite “hymn” was Sydney Carter’s Lord of the Dance, because I found it upbeat and catchy — to be quite frank, it wasn’t far removed, musically, from a lot of popular children’s artists. Raffi, for example, could easily have been a folk-Christian writer, by tweaking his lyrics slightly. Today, I still can […]

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