Month: July 2010


The Sign of Peace

The Sign of Peace is one of the parts of the Liturgy which extends all the way back to the Apostles. However, it’s taken a few different forms, and has had different meanings attached to it. I. The Sign of Peace in the Bible To begin with, the Sign of Peace was originally a kiss. […]

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Just Can’t Resist

Rarely is one’s entire belief system dismantled as quickly as Deepak Chopra’s is here: The argument works, of course, against post-modernism, and all forms of truth-claims which claim that “the truth is that there is no truth.” But most of the people peddling that junk don’t walk broadside into their inconsistencies in front of a […]

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Abortion, Healthcare, and PCIP Coverage

Michael Ciccocioppo, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, remarked on my post on taxpayer funded abortions under Obamacare… Even if Obama’s HHS writes a policy saying that abortions won’t be covered under the Preexisting Conditions Insurance Program, there is no federal law preventing the PCIP from paying for abortions. The first claim for abortion services […]

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The Mass Done Right

I’ve done my share of kvetching about the Mass done poorly — those Masses with sappy songs about and to us; those homilies which start out bland and end up heretical; all done within the confines of a church which looks like a conference room in wartime. I mention these things for one major reason: […]

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First v. Second Amendment: There Can Be Only One!

A weird phenomenon is afoot in Middle American Catholicism. States are passing conceal-and-carry laws, and Catholic churches are putting up signs forbidding guns in church. It’s certainly a weird thing for non-Midwesterners to see when they’re coming in to church. It’s about to spread, as the same pattern is happening down in Louisiana. This is […]

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A Utilitarian Argument for Catholic Sexual Ethics, Part II

In response to my original post on this subject, Steve makes three arguments:First…. There are several ridiculous arguments here, but Policy consideration #4 is a real clinker: homosexual sex and non-intercourse “come with the costs of emotional bonding and enhanced risk of STD… [and] the benefits for the sexual partners are fleeting.” Wrong. You point […]

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