Month: June 2010


Kagan, Partial-Birth Abortion, and the “Proper Place” of Science

The big story surrounding Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, is that while she was working for the Clinton White House, she secretly drafted a “scientific opinion” for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists claiming that partial-birth abortions were necessary. In other words: Kagan’s boss, President Bill Clinton, wanted partial-birth abortion to remain legal. […]

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When Does Human Life Begin?

The central argument motivating the pro-life movement is that a new life begins at the union of sperm and egg, called either “conception” or “fertilization” (there’s been a clever move by pro-choicers to redefine conception as “implantation,” in true Orwellian fashion, so fertilization may be the better term). For the vast majority of people, the […]

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Assurance of Salvation?

A number of Protestants find it singularly compelling that they “know” that they’re eternally saved. I’ve always found this line of reasoning sort of strange. To the last individual, they’ve argued or admitted that: The saved can know that they’re saved; The damned often think that they’re saved, but they aren’t (obviously); Even those saved […]

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Fourth Century Icons of Jesus and the Apostles Found

This is a pretty cool story. Underneath an office building in a working-class part of Rome, they’ve discovered some ancient ruins (probably a noblewoman’s tomb) containing the oldest icons dedicated to Peter, Paul, Andrew, and John.* The icons date to the early 300s. Since it’s Rome, it’s fitting that these four followers of Christ were […]

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