Month: November 2009


Great New York Times Article on the Glories of the Old Mass

The New York Times has taken an interesting direction in the last year or so. Before you could count on the Times to offer what they felt was the whole spectrum: commentators who were anti-Catholic specifically, commentators who were anti-religion of all sorts, and commentators who didn’t care about religion or find it relevant. If […]

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, has rightly come under a lot of fire for her views on abortion and her seeming friendship with the now-murdered abortionist George Tiller, and it’s particularly depressing that a self-proclaimed “personally opposed” Catholic heads the HHS, the government agency most naturally connected to […]

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The Restoration Will Not Be Televised

Father David M. O’Connell has stepped down as president of D.C.’s own Catholic University of America. Under his twelve year watch, the school went from being a hotbed of dissent and heresy to one of all-too-few outstandingly Catholic universities, making the Cardinal Newman Society’s list of authentic Catholic colleges (sadly, only 21 US Catholic colleges […]

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Why “Abortion Neutrality” is a Healthcare Myth

In the current healthcare debate, both sides of the abortion debate claim to be preserving the status quo while the other side is hijacking it to advance their abortion-related agenda. In reality, both sides are correct that there’s no truly neutral abortion option: government funding for healthcare either includes abortion as federally-funded healthcare (against the […]

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